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It is a little known fact, that most quilts sold in?Australia are now imported from China. Supreme Quilts are one of the very few quilt manufacturers in Australia to make the quilts in our own workshop, allowing for your quilt to be custom made to your individual needs and ensuring peace of mind.

Supreme Quilts only use Class 1 European Goose and duck downs IDFL certified EN12934. Down Pass certified and DO NOT source downs from live plucking.?

Supreme Quilts are the only quilt cleaning professionals in South Australia that clean and process all types of quilts in our own workshop. Having been in the industry for over 27 years, Supreme Quilts have cleaned over 150,000 quilts.

Supreme Quilts clean feather and down quilts, wool quilts and underlays, bedspreads, dacron and other synthetic quilts, sleeping bags, blankets, and most types of pillows. After your quilt has been cleaned by Supreme Quilts there is no need to air before use, you can use your quilt straight away, knowing you won't be breathing in harmful chemicals.